Hollie Ngo
What I do in my free time

I like height and nature.

Sounds weird? I meant I like to explore and learning about safety techniques from height. It's a good way to train working calmly under pressure. And I like to do so while enjoying the scenery from nature. That's why my hobbies usually consist of either 2 factors: height or nature (if not both!)


Aerial Arts Dance

I'm an aerialist. I have certification in working with aerial apparatuses hanging as high as 8 to 8.5 metres. I specialize in Aerial Silks. Some people call me 'dancer in the air'.


Rock Climbing

I climb rocks. Indoor gyms and outside in the mountain, with height range from 4 to 30 metres. Sometimes I climb on a large rock in the middle of the ocean.


Plants and Music

I grow rare plants. And play musical instruments. Not very good though. But I'm learning!